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There's been some wonderful discussion going on on the Labour blog with Brendon Burns, Christchurch Central MP, around his party's support for the Canterbury Earthquake Response and Recovery Act. Here are some quotes:

"I now had some understanding of what my late mother experienced in living through the Blitz in Liverpool."

"Well try telling that to the 300 people who turned up tonight at the first of the two meetings I am doing to put EQC, insurance, council and government agencies in front of those still reeling from 4/9."

"Try mounting an argument for constitutional niceties with people who for nearly two weeks as Clayton elegantly puts it, have been shitting in a bucket"

"OK, so we’re off the Christmas card list of some people for supporting the Government’s Canterbury recovery bill. That’s despite having said throughout that some of us as MPs have obvious and shared reservations about the law and will be watching for it being used beyond the assurances given."

"As Phil notes, the legislation is limited to Canterbury. In all respects."

"Did every last 121 MP, for the first time in living memory, unanimously support such a bill because they were all wanting to be Tory toadies? Or because we believe that these are extraordinary circumstances and hope we can trust Government, central and local, to do what’s required and what is right?"

So there we have it - not-so-subtle allusions to World War II and 9/11, parliamentary supremacy as a 'constitutional nicety', "we felt a bit squeamish about it so that makes it OK", blatant factual inaccuracies about the contents of the legislation, and an appeal to 'hope and trust' to excuse the granting of dictatorial powers.

This is a classic case of the 'my party did it so it must by definition be right' syndrome that's endemic in party politics.

Christ. How depressing. I couldn't be more over it.
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