aleph_naught (aleph_naught) wrote,

Farewell, sweet Livejournal

Has a proper blog now (albeit on Tumblr. Yeah yeah, I'll migrate to a proper platform when I can be bothered learning to use one).

Violent Passion Surrogate

And now I shed a single solitary tear for my LJ, which pretty much lacks any raison d'être. I'll probably leave it open so I can infrequently check various communities and catch up on those who are still using it anyway, but yeah.

It's funny looking back at my posts from when I first started using LiveJournal. I really wanna go back and give 2006 Danny a punch in the teeth (I'm sure certain others would share that sentiment).

Screw you, 2006 Danny. From the future. I hope you grow up and then hate yourself slightly for being such a whiny bitch, it'd serve you right.

Uhhh, yeah. Bye LJ!
Tags: blog, lj, meta

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